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  • 05 Mar
  • 2019

Renowned author Basheer Ahmed Baloch’s book launching ceremony held in IBLC

The book launching ceremony of famous author Basheer Ahmed Baloch was held in UoT under the auspices of Institute of Balochi Language and Culture (IBLC) in collaboration with Baloch Labzanki Dewan on 5th March 2019. Chairperson Balochi Labzanki Dewan Quetta Yar Jan Badini and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dean and Director IBLC Prof Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch chaired the ceremony whereas UoT Registrar Ghulam Farooq, prominent writer and scholar Nimatullah Gichki, , Ex. Director Arts Council Balochistan Abdullah Baloch, and Assistant Professor Dr. Ghafoor Shad shared their views regarding different aspects of the book titled “SABZEN-SAGAR”. Addressing on the occasion Dr. Abdul Saboor and Yar Jan Badini said that Basheer Baloch was a highly celebrated writer of his time. They said that “this is research based book in which the author covered about different happenings and events which occurred in the life of Baloch Legendary character Meer Kamber.

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Appreciating the author work Ghulam Farooq and other speakers acknowledged the services rendered by Basheer Baloch for the promotion and preservation of Baloch Cultural heritage, history and language. They said that the literary and research work on Baloch Legendary character Meer Kamber, Jamdurruk, Mulla Fazul and Mulla Qasim are among the best contributions done by Basheer Baloch for the promotion of Balochi language, culture and history across the country.

The ceremony was also attended by Munir Shorish, Khalil Ahmed Baloch, Controller Examinations Tanvir Ahmed, Director Gwadar Campus Ijaz Ahmed, Deputy Registrar Ganguzar Baloch, literary persons, chairpersons of various teaching departments, faculty members, relatives of Basheer Baloch and students.

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