Program Details

LLB (5 years) Details

Learning Objectives

   The LLB (5-year) degree program is designed to achieve following objectives: 

  1. To inculcate in students a broad understanding of the social, political and economic contexts within which the Pakistani and global legal system operates.
  2. To equip students with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental doctrines and principles of Law.
  3. To develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary for employment in the legal profession and other careers.

Learning Outcome

  1. After the completion of LLB 5 year degree programme should acquire and develop range of intellectual and practical skills so that they can analyze, evaluate, synthesize and apply conceptual information to practical legal problems.
  2. They also should be able to develop and demonstrate independent thinking, plan and carry out independent research and apply basic legal research skills and research techniques.
  3. In addition to that student should develop the written and oral skills, capacity to problem-solving and expand knowledge of information technology.