Directorate Of Information Technology

About Directorate Of Information Technology

The Information and Technology directorate has highlighted some of its achievements during the period of 2020. The milestones achieved are enormous. The Directorate of Information Technology is the backbone of any organization. The Internet has made the world a global village. Information Technology is the gateway to that global village.

One of the achievements after affiliation was to get connected to Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN 2) by Higher Education Commission. On 1st Nov 2014, the University was enlisted in PERN 2. Fully furnished computer labs with the latest specifications, each system fully integrated with the latest software and capable of running the up-to-date graphic tools such as Auto CAD and Maya, etc. Wi-Fi Service is provided to students, faculty, and administration. Students can access network and internet resources through different hotspots. For security measures, Wi-Fi clients are allowed to access the internet with proper registration. The Information Technology department enhances the collaboration of internal departments and administration within the University.

After two well-functional computer labs, a third with the most advanced machines to date with the power of tackling the most advanced engineering tasks and simulation has been established and been inaugurated by worthy CM Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch.

The National Education Research and Education Network, Pakistan (PERN 2)

The University of Turbat has achieved one of its milestones being connected to PERN 2. Pakistan Education & Research Network is the only research and education network in Pakistan which was launched in 2002. The purpose of this national research and education network is to provide communication infrastructure to the universities, institutions of higher learning, and research organizations to meet their networking and internet requirements. The network has evolved significantly and is providing valuable services, like high-speed internet, audio/video conferencing, and access to digital library resources.

PERN Services

  • Internet Services (Fastest Access to Information)
  • Intranet: Virtual Private LAN Service(Secure, Reliable Global Ethernet VPN Full-Mesh Solution)
  • National Digital Library
  • Video/ VoIP (Video Conferencing)
  • Local Content Hosting (Cloud Services)
  • Unified Communication (The Private Cloud technology as implemented is primarily aimed at providing Unified Communication solutions including email services, office communicator, etc.) The directorate of IT has connected departments and administrative offices through intranet connectivity on Fiber. User Login Authentication has also been implemented for each user on the campus. NAS Server and Mail Server are also activated for the faculty members and administrative staff.