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The department of natural and basic sciences will provide a strong support to establish interdisciplinary advanced research among the existing departments or future opening departments in the field of life sciences at the University of Turbat. The overall aim of this department is to foster interaction of existing departments of universities by developing interdisciplinary modern bioscience research. It will help to develop a world-class center in basic, chemical and biological sciences in university doing both advanced research and education. The department of natural and basic sciences will enhance the existing capacity of research and education in faculty of science through creation of interdisciplinary natural sciences research and education along with re-grouping research activities as per the current requirements and priorities.

More than 2000 pre-medical students are annually passed their intermediate in different colleges of Mekran region and due to not availability of degree programs in biological sciences like botany, zoology, biotechnology, microbiology etc. in University of Turbat these candidates are suffering a lot problem for getting admission in other universities of the province as well as in country. The department of biological sciences at University of Turbat will offer the various subjects including biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, microbiology, zoology, botany, genetics and biomedical sciences and will give great opportunity to the students choosing different programs in the department. It will not only facilitate the students of pre-medical but als enhance the academic and research quality of University in life science and will meet the demand of society in the field of life science. It will boost our students’ employability in heath and food industries.

The mission of natural and basic department is to develop and spread knowledge in the field of natural and basic sciences.

The department of natural and basic sciences, University of Turbat will be a recognized as leader institute in regional, national, and international level for research and education in life sciences.


The specific objective is to upgrade the post-graduate teaching and training laboratories in terms of infrastructure and equipment, appoint new faculty, provide fellowships for students, introduce training programs to regroup research activities along the natural science innovation chain (from discovery to market), promote academia industry interaction depending upon the strengths and weaknesses of specific of faculty of science and engineering in University. The proposal of establishment of department of natural and basic sciences to fulfill the following objectives:

1. To facilitate the candidates who are interesting for getting degree in natural and basic sciences.

2. Establishing and strengthening the Post-Graduate educational and research related infrastructure in University and making them globally competitive.

3. Enhancing the interdisciplinary research opportunities among various subjects of life science in university.

4. Developing and strengthening the scientific and technical skills of students in biochemical sector in Pakistani Universities.

5. Motivating the faculties to take innovative solutions for challenges in natural and basic sciences at university level.

6. Promotion of academic-industrial collaborations.

7. Regrouping research activities in emerging areas along the biochemical innovation chain.

Dr. Haneef Ur Rehman

Dr. Haneef Ur Rehman

  • Associate Professor (Chairperson)
  • Phd
    KIBGE University of Karachi, Pakistan

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