Social Media Disclaimer

  1. Followings are the official and authorized social media platforms and websites of the University of Turbat (UoT), with links available on the UoT’s website to verify their authenticity. 
  2. The social media platforms and website of the University aim to disseminate information and updates regarding the university's activities, events, initiatives, and other public disclosures for the benefit of its stakeholders and third parties. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the posted content, however, we acknowledge the possibility of errors and omissions, which can be rectified upon detection.
  3. The contents posted on the official UoT’s social media platforms and website reflect the official position of the University, while the comments, remarks, and feedback from the public or stakeholders or audience on these pages/platforms may not necessarily align with the official policy or position of the University.
  4. The University may, in good faith, share links or announcements from other institutions for the benefit of its stakeholders, and the general public. However, UoT will not be held responsible for any errors or misinformation found in the shared or forwarded posts on official UoT social media platforms and websites.
  5. UoT cannot be held responsible for any actions, statements, or content published by administrators of unofficial social media platforms using the name and logo of UoT. Such social media platforms are not officially endorsed or authorized by UoT in any capacity. Such pages/platforms should not be perceived as being operated by the UoT officially. We notify our audience to verify the authenticity of social media platforms claiming to represent UoT and to rely solely on information provided through official UoT's social media platforms and website. The University cannot be responsible for any content posted on unofficial social media pages using UoT's name or logo. Our audience or stakeholders are encouraged to verify information independently and contact the relevant officials/spokesperson of the University for any confirmation.
  6. Reproducing or downloading content from the university website or social media platforms and republishing it on other social media platforms is prohibited without prior permission from the University administration. However, sharing the link to the University website or social media platform is permitted, and highly encouraged.
  7. The University of Turbat reserves the right to take legal action against any individual or entity operating social media platforms using the name and logo of the UoT without proper authorization. We notify all operators to respect the integrity and reputation of the University and refrain from publishing unauthentic content by using the UoT name and logo.
  8. The University of Turbat cannot be held responsible if the UoT website or official social media page/platform is hacked by malicious hackers.