Quality Enhancement Cell

Quality Enhancement Cell


Investing in Quality, based on the ownership of Quality Assurance (QA) processes and Quality Enhancement (QE) practices for delivering high quality education, UOT envisages becoming a world premiere center of excellence for education, research and development. UOT has its own quality assurance regimen that reflects its strategic Vision 2020, follows the quality assurance program of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for improved quality and research, and is also in strict accordance with the international quality assurance standards that facilitate UOT’s participation in the world university rankings.


Ensure implementation of best quality assurance strategies and continuous improvement for achievement of the highest standard of excellence in education at University of TUrbat (UOT), research and public service.


Establish University of TUrbat (UOT) as a quality-centric institute of excellence for education, research and development.


The main objective of QEC is to facilitate the implementation of Quality Assurance procedures and practices and also ensure quality enhancement at the institutional level so that with continuous improvement of strategies, resolute effort and action, the criteria of quality in all aspects of the university that affect the quality of learning and research helps UOT to attain international competitiveness and compatibility amongst the top universities in Pakistan.