Offered at the Department of Management Sciences Main Campus

The BBA is a four-year Undergraduate program consisting of 8 semesters offered at the Department of Management Sciences Main Campus.


The BBA program is of four years duration, spread over eight regular semesters. In their earlier years/semesters, students study the basics of management, marketing, finance, accounting economics, and Information technology. Students then have the option to specialize in marketing, finance, and human resource management. Based on the rapidly growing global scenario and innovation, the department has included the aspect of experiential knowledge into the curriculum of the BBA program. Students now undergo six weeks long and rigorous internships in the corporate sector. This would not only help them to connect with their future firms/employer, but it also exposes them to the challenges of the real business world scenario. This program prepares students for a prominent career by combining the fundamentals of business with a global perspective. This empowers students to innovative solutions for today‚Äôs economic and societal challenges. The specialized management program utilizes business analytic, theoretical knowledge, and methods to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of leading business practices, as well as the skills required for efficient decision-making.

Fee Structure for 1st Semester of BBA Four Years Programs

Description Amount (Rs)
Admission fee (One time) 2,000
Registration Fee (One time) 1,000
Tuition fee (Per Semester) 11,000
Library fee (Per Semester) 500
Security fee (One time) Refundable 1,000
Computer Lab fee (Per Semester) 500
Sports fee (Per Semester) 500
Examination fee (Per Semester) 1,000
Identity card (One time) 300
Total fee for 1st Semester 17,800

Fee Structure for 2nd to 8th Semester of BBA Four Years Program

Description Amount (Rs)
Tuition fee (Per Semester) 11,000
Library fee (Per Semester) 500
Computer Lab fee (Per Semester) 500
Sports fee (Per Semester) 500
Examination fee (Per Semester) 1,000
Per Semester fee (2nd to 10th Semester) 13,500
Transportation Fee for Undergraduate Programs
# Route Charges
Per Semester
1 Transport fee for long route Rs. 4,000
2 Transport fee for short route Rs. 3,500

Hostel Fee
Description Amount (Rs)
Admission fee (one time) Rs 1,000
Hostel rent (per semester) Rs 2,500

Examination fee for Undergraduate Programs
Description Amount (Rs)
Detail Mark Certificate 200
Final Transcript 500 (Ordinary)
1,000 (Urgent)
Degree 2,000 (Ordinary)
4,000 (Urgent)
4,000 (Duplicate)
Verification of certificate/degree 500 per document (Ordinary)
800 per document (Urgent)
Rechecking per paper 1,000
Registration Fee 1,500
Examination Fee (AD/BA) 5,000
Examination Fee (AD/B.Sc.) 6,000
Repeat/Improvement 2,000
Re-admission 1,000
Freezing/unfreezing 1,000


Semester 1
Title Code Theory Lab
Functional English ENG-301 3 0
Business Mathematics MAT-301 3 0
Introduction To Accounting ACT-301 3 0
Introduction To Business ITB-301 3 0
Principle Of Management MGT-301 3 0
Introduction to Computer ICT-301 3 0
Semester 2
Title Code Theory Lab
Pak And Islamic Studies PIS-301 3 0
Financial Accounting ACC-302 3 0
Self Management Skills MGT-303 3 0
Microeconomics ECO-301 3 0
Business Communication (Written) BC-301 3 0
Business Statistics BS-302 3 0
Semester 3
Title Code Theory Lab
Macroeconomics ECO-401 3 0
Introduction To Sociology SOC-302 3 0
Principle of Marketing MKT-301 3 0
Business Finance BSF-301 3 0
Statistical Inference STI-401 3 0
Semester 4
Title Code Theory Lab
Money & Banking BAN-301 3 0
Cost Accounting ACT-401 3 0
Business and Corporate Law LAW-301 3 0
Financial Management FIN-401 3 0
Marketing Management MKT-401 3 0
Organizational Behavior ORB-301 3 0
Semester 5
Title Code Theory Lab
Business Research Methods BRM-501 3 0
Human Resource Management HRM-302 3 0
Managerail Accounting ACT-501 3 0
Economies of Developing Countries ECO-403 3 0
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics CSRB-401 3 0
Management Informatiuon System MIS-401 3 0
Semester 6
Title Code Theory Lab
Total Quality Management MGT-401 3 0
Auditing and Taxation ACT-502 3 0
Financial Markets and Institutions FIN-501 3 0
Consumer Behavior MKT-501 3 0
International Business IB-402 3 0
Semester 7
Title Code Theory Lab
Electronic Commerce MIS-402 3 0
Entrepreneurship ENT-501 3 0
Production And Operation Management MGT-502 3 0
Elective - I E1 3 0
Elective - II E2 3 0
Semester 8
Title Code Theory Lab
Research Project / Internship BRM-601 3 0
Strategic Management MGT-605 3 0
Islamic Banking and Finance BIN-501 3 0
Elective - III E3 3 0
Elective - IV E4 3 0

Specialization Courses

Marketing Title Code
1 Supply chain management MKT601
2 Advertising and Promotional strategies MKT602
3 Brand Management MKT603
4 Sales Management MKT604
5 International Marketing MKT605
Finance Title Code
1 International Financial Management FIN601
2 Investment & Portfolio Management FIN602
3 Financial Statement Analysis FIN603
4 Treasury & Fund FIN604
5 Project financing & Evaluation FIN605
Human Resource Management Title Code
1 Training & Development HRM601
2 Change Management HRM602
3 Industrial Relation HRM603
4 Conflict management HRM604
5 Organizational Development HRM605
6 Performance Management System HRM606
7 Labor Law of Pakistan HRM607