MPhil Chemistry

Offered at the Department of Chemistry Main Campus

The MPhil Chemistry is a two-year Postgraduate program consisting of 4 semesters offered at the Department of Chemistry Main Campus.


Semester 1
Title Code Theory Lab
Research Methodology CHEM-701 3 0
E-I CHEM- 3 0
E-II CHEM- 3 0
Advance Instrumentation in Chemistry CHEM-702 3 0
Semester 2
Title Code Theory Lab
E-I CHEM- 3 0
E-II CHEM- 3 0
Chemical Data Handling CHEM-703 3 0
Application of Spectroscopy in Chemistry CHEM-704 3 0


1st & 2nd Semester Elective Subjects
Code Title Code
CHEM-705 Advances in Chemical Analysis 03
CHEM-706 Analysis and Characterization of Polymer 03
CHEM-707 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry 03
CHEM-708 Chemistry of Secondary Metabolites 03
CHEM-709 Biopolymers; Properties, Modifications and Applications 03
CHEM-7010he chemistry of natural products 03
CHEM-711 Thermal methods of Analysis 03
CHEM-712 Microbial Chemistry 03
CHEM-713 Bio synthesis and Bio Transformation 03
CHEM-714 Catalysis 03
CHEM-715 Polymer Blends & their Applications 03
CHEM-716 Asymmetric Synthesis 03
CHEM-717 Research Techniques in Biochemistry 03
CHEM-718 Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistry 03
CHEM-719 Advanced Stereochemistry 03
CHEM-720 Synthetic Organic Chemistry of Drugs 03
CHEM-721 Modern Name Reactions in Organic Synthesis 03
CHEM-722 Organic Synthesis-Retrosynthetic Approach 03
CHEM-723 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Organic Chemistry 03
CHEM-724 Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds 03
CHEM-725 Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry 03
CHEM-726 Organic Polymer Chemistry 03
CHEM-727 Pericyclic Reactions 03
CHEM-728 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry 03
CHEM-729 Physical Chemistry of High Polymers 03
CHEM-730 Advanced Quantum Chemistry 03
CHEM-731 Advanced Chemical Kinetics 03
CHEM-732 Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy 03
CHEM-733 Surfactant and Colloidal Chemistry 03
CHEM-734 Advanced Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry 03
CHEM-735 Chemistry of Superconductors 03
CHEM-736 Nanochemistry 03
CHEM-737 Chemistry of Advance Materials 03
CHEM-738 Advanced Techniques in Physical Chemistry 03
CHEM-739 Electroanalytical Methods and Techniques 03
CHEM-740 Applied Industrial Processes 03
CHEM-741 Advanced Analytical Instrumental Techniques 03
CHEM-742 Chromatographic Methods of Analysis 03
CHEM-743 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry 03
CHEM-744 Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry 03
CHEM-745 Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry 03
CHEM-746 Blood Chemistry and Immunochemistry 03
CHEM-747 Environmental Biochemistry 03
CHEM-748 Biochemical Basis of Endocrinology 03
CHEM-749 Neuro-Biochemistry 03
CHEM-750 Biochemistry Laboratory Skills 03
CHEM-751 Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Techniques 03
CHEM-752 Recombinant DNA and Related Techniques 03
CHEM-753 Drug Designing and Metabolism 03
CHEM-754 Clinical Biochemistry 03
CHEM-755 Animal and Plant Tissue Culture 03
CHEM-756 Current Topics in Biochemistry 03
CHEM-757 Techniques for Studying Bio-molecules 03
CHEM-758 Molecular Biology Lab Skills 03
CHEM-759 Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering 03
CHEM-760 Advanced Surface Chemistry 03
Semester 3
No courses have been added for this semester.

Semester 3 Title Code
1 Research 03
Semester 4
No courses have been added for this semester.

Semester 4 Title Code
1 Research 03