• PhD. Scholar (Sociology- In progress) in - from University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • M.Phil. Sociology in - from University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • BS Hon’s Sociology in - from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Field of Interest

Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Politics, and Sociology of Literature

Research Publications

  1. Yaseen, M., & Shah, N. (2021). Power On Pages of Newspapers: A Political Contestation in Pakistan. Journal of Media & Communication (JMC). Volume 01:02, 138-149 (2020).
  • Shah, N., Saleem, M., & Ahmed, G. (2019). GLOBALIZATION: CULTURAL IMPERIALISM THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research2(1).
  • Sultan, R. S., Shah, N., & Fazal, A. (2019). Gender Representation In Public Schools Textbooks Of Balochistan. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences9.
  • Sultan, R. S., Shah, N., & Hussan, I. (2019).A study of Social Problems faced by Persons with Disabilities special reference to the University of Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Special Education 19, 115-131
  • Shah, N., Sultan, R. S., & Kaker, B. (2018). Balochi oral literature and gender construction. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies16(1), 89-102.