Code of Conduct

University of Turbat is committed to provide high-quality education that is compatible with changing needs of the world. University of Turbat has the right to expect from students to maintain principle values, pursue exceptional conduct and character in campus. At the same time, students have the responsibility to conduct themselves lawfully and in compliance with the University’s standards. The purpose of this Code is to specify acts of student misconduct for which an offending individual will be subject to disciplinary sanctions under the University Disciplinary Procedures.

The Code of Conduct specifies behaviours that students should avoid as they are inconsistent with the essential values of the university. A student shall be held accountable through the University Discipline Process if he/she makes the decision to engage in these behaviours. The Code of Conduct behaviours include, but are not limited to:

Abuse/Endangerment/Hazing of a person:

Physically harming or threatening to harm any person, intentionally or carelessly causing harm to any person or creating a condition that endangers the reputation and safety of self or other students.

Violation of Academic Integrity:

Academic integrity is a basic guiding principle for all academic activity at University of Turbat, and all students of the University are expected to act in accordance with this principle. Students should act with personal integrity and respect other students’ dignity and rights. Academic integrity includes a commitment not to engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception.


Cheating is an act or an attempted act of deception by which a student seeks to copy of all or any portion of another's academic work and submitting it as one’s own or allowing another person to copy one’s own paper during Exam or Quizzes—whether intentionally or irresponsibly.


A student shall not assist another student, group of students in committing or attempting to commit a violation of this Code of Conduct. A student who has knowledge that another person committing or attempting to commit a violation of the Code of Conduct, is responsible to stop him amicably or to convey such act/intention to the knowledge of University administration, and failure to do so when reasonable under the circumstances may be the basis for a violation of this policy.

False Information:

Making a false or misleading oral or written statement that misrepresents the character, qualifications, or reputation of other students will be held accountable through the University Discipline Process.

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking:

The University of Turbat has strictly prohibited Students to possess alcohol, using drugs and smoking in university campus and hostels; severe action shall be taken against those who found to be guilty in violation of the rule.

Dangerous Objects:

The possession or use of any potentially dangerous object or weapon, including but not limited to ammunition, hunting knives, swords, firearms, or other explosives, is prohibited.

Damage or Destruction:

Actions involving the students to endanger or actually harm or ruin University property are tantamount to breaching the code of conducts and shall be treated as a crime.

Code of Honour

The University of Turbat Honour Code is at once an objective and ruling. University of Turbat, established in the year of 2012 with a mission to provide quality education and committed to excellence, tradition and innovation that makes it unique institute of the province and as well as in the country. The injunction is so simple that students must have to follow it to preserve the smooth running of university activities.

Students vow never to lie, steal or cheat and accept that the consequence for flouting this assurance is permanent dismissal from the University. Students have to face grave consequences if they found breaching or violating the code of honour.