Corrigendum: Request for Proposals: Establishment of Computer Networking and Automation System

20 Feb 2021

Request for Proposals

The University of Turbat intends to hire a Consultant/expert for providing services for its Project “Establishment of Computer Networking and Automation System in UoT including Supply, Installation, and Commissioning & Operations of the System”.

Proposals are accordingly invited for Providing Consultancy Services for the I.T. and Computerization Project as per ToR and other terms and conditions given in the Tender documents. The Consultancy firms/experts having sufficient Practical experience in the field of I.T. and Computerization can participate.

The Selection of the Consultant will be made on Quality-Cum Cost basis.

The firm/expert must be registered with FBR and should possess the mandatory Professional/Technical Certificates;

A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased on submission of a written application to the office of the Project Director UoT and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs. 1,000/- (One Thousands Only) through pay order or banker’s cheque in the name of University of Turbat.

The Proposals in two envelopes marked “Technical” and “Financial” may be delivered by hand or through courier to UoT’s Project Section located in the main Campus of UoT, adjacent to M-8, University Town. Turbat on 8th March 2021 up-to 11 AM. Proposals received afterward shall not be accepted. The Technical Proposals will be opened on the same day at 12 PM by the tender committee.

UoT reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to annul the selection process and reject all Proposals at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability, for reasons to be recorded and conveyed to the bidders.

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