In this fast growing competitive and communicative world higher education institutions are becoming increasingly proactive in their public relation activities to convey an image that is favorable to the society and beneficial to all stakeholders, be they prospective students, employees, alumni or funding agency, etc. The educational institutes throughout the country are committed to create and maintain a very positive image amongst the people.

This is equally important for every Institute/Organization including universities to know what their clients and stakeholders are thinking about them, what they like and dislike, and what concerns and satisfies them. Most of the Universities had a problem in making liaison with public, media and other stakeholders; therefore they preferred to establish the Directorate or the Unit of Public Relations in the University for having strong linkage with all stakeholders and media to improve the positive image of the University in society.

In recent years, most of the universities have established Public Relations unit in order to maintain better communication with students, alumni, communities, affiliated and constituent colleges/ institutions, public and other stakeholders.

Acknowledging the increasing importance of the Public Relations unit in educational institutions, the UoT’s management had established Directorate of Public Relations in the institution in June 2015. Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Baloch has been assigned the charge as Director of this section. In the year 2015-19 this directorate, with the support of employees and students had achieved considerable successes in creating harmony between institution and its stakeholders. It dealt not only with dissemination of information pertaining to the university’s policies, academic activities and development programs through maintaining a close liaison with the media and other stakeholders, but also managed to publish Bi-annual Newsletter, Annual Report, Prospectus, and other publications. This office worked with a mission to maintain and strengthen the relationships between university and its stakeholders, and projection of university’s curricular and co-curricular activities and responded client’s feedback properly. This directorate has a clear objective to cooperate with teaching and non-teaching departments in improving the programmes and services of the university. This will help the institution to become better known, help the institution to gain an enhanced reputation, improve internal and external relations; teachers, students, other administrative staff, alumni and community.

Photo Desk

Photo Desk is responsible in arranging photo coverage of functions and activities of various departments/sections of University for press, university website and social media for publicity and image building of the university. It will also prepare photographs for exhibitions and maintains photo albums.

Press and Publicity Desk

This desk will arrange press conferences and press briefings, and keeps liaison with print & electronic media. This desk will be entrusted with the task of issuing of press releases, photographs and video footages regarding various events conducted at university to local and natioal media.

Production Desk

Besides coordinating in publishing publicity literature like Calendar, Datebook, Diary, Telephone Directory of university employees, this desk in collaboration with IT section also helps to publish booklets, brochures, annual report, newsletter, posters, hoardings and other promotional tools from time to time pertaining to important achievements and the campaigns of university. It will also make arrangements for production of short video documentary on university achievements, future programs and other events organized by the University.

Advertisement Desk

The Advertisement Desk will offer its services to win the attention of the people toward University of Turbat through advertisements in print/electronic media, local cable TV network and social media. The advertisement desk will facilitate to release university classified advertisements / announcements / public service messages in press and local Cable TV Network on approved rates. In collaboration of IT section and concerned department this desk is responsible to cooperate in designing the text/contents of the advertisement for print.

Library and Exhibition Desk

This Desk will deal with maintaining a small library, wherein Clipped News Items pertaining to UoT, Periodicals, Magazines, Daily Newspapers and Publications of UoT are kept and preserved in safe hands. This Desk will be responsible to maintain the record of Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers, Pamphlets and all sort of publications receives to this office from country and abroad. It will have a direct association with the university central library. It will also make arrangements for organizing Photo-Exhibitions for Faculty Members/Students and other stakeholders.