Projects and Services

The Directorate of Information Technology is providing the following facilities to the University of Turbat staff, faculty members, and students.

1. Wireless and LAN Services

IT Section is progressively working on providing fast and secure wired and wireless Internet services and on-premises network services to UoT Administration and Academic departments. Secure wireless Internet and Intranet is available throughout the campus.

2. University of Turbat Website

UoT IT section revamped and launched the website of the university on 2020-08-10. The new website is much improved with a ton of new features, including

  • We have added an Improved News section with search functionality. Now old news from the initial times of the university can also be searched. News can be displayed for each year, month, and day without much hassle. Link
  • There is an area for Tender notice publication to support the Procurement Office. Link
  • The new site has a comfortable and robust mechanism to search and discover faculties, departments, programs, and even courses offered in those programs for the end-users.
  • The website has an online application submission feature as well. The features are showcased for the Spring 2021 Semester as a Pilot project. Link
  • The is a “Program Finder” section on the website to make it easy for the visitors to find programs. Link
  • There is a “Careers” section to help visitors quickly see the available positions announced by the university from time to time. Link
  • There is a one-of-a-kind A to Z Index of all the information available on a single. Link
  • To address existing students’ concerns with assessment, examination, and LMS, a Student Grievance Registration Form as per HEC policies.

3. Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is a web-based information system that handles all the information about students' academic journey throughout the University of Turbat. IT Section UoT developed SIS in 2017, and it is being used by different departments of UoT for better management and easy access to student records within the University of Turbat. SIS comprises the following modules.

  • Admission Cell Module
  • Academic Module
  • Examination Module
  • Finance Module

4. Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is a web-based application deployed by the IT Section in collaboration with IBA-Sukkur University during the COVID-19 pandemic for Student Online Academic Activities. LMS has been the primary source of academic activities at the University of Turbat during the COVID-19 pandemic and has become an integral part of its educational ecosystem.

5. Student Portal App

Student Portal App is an android application developed by the IT Section University of Turbat for students of UoT. Student Portal App is available in the Playstore for download. Students can view their profile, academic courses they are enrolled in, examination results, and fee information.