This office plays the role of catalyst towards the integrity, excellence and good image of students.
In accomplishment of the roles, In-charge Student Affairs is responsible to act as a bridge between the administrative staff and students.

Office of Student Affairs, University of Turbat, is an administrative function section under the leadership of the Committee of the University. The primary function of the committee is to inform the Deans of the concerned departments about student problems or suggest courses of action or to recommend policy and to seek improvements for the development of students.

The students that participate in the Student Affairs Committee are the liaisons between the department and the students, and the Dean’s Office. Student affairs section is responsible for creating an environment for the students to express their concerns related to curriculum and non- curriculum activities and to provide them opportunities for their personal growth.

Moreover, the office attends to students’ problems and coordinates students’ activities for their personality grooming. In addition, the department arranges study trips, organizes sports events, Gala, and debates that will help in nurturing the potential capacity of the students.