Proud moment for Turbat University two faculty members received international award

Posted on 07 Mar, 2023

Two faculty members of the University of Turbat (UoT) Dr. Muhammad Tahir Badini, and Dr. Mushtaq Muhammad Badini have received the International Award of “Sangar Sanjung Award” from the Institute of Postgraduate Studies University Sains Malaysia. Both scholars are working as Assistant Professor at UoT.

The award was given to them on the special occasion of Majlis Persada Kencana 2023 which is a day for celebration and providing an opportunity to acknowledge extraordinary achievement and remarkable triumph of University Sains Malaysia Best Achievers among the postgraduates’ students in the areas of academic research, innovation, and publication. The University Sains Malaysia also awards a cash prize for the said achievements.

Congratulating the award achievers, the University of Turbat’s Vice, Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed said that this remarkable achievement of the UoT’s faculty members was a proud moment for their institution. Dr. Jan Muhammad termed this achievement as a testament to the significant contributions and global recognition of both scholars in the field of research and higher education. Vice Chancellor reiterated his commitment to facilitate the faculty members of Turbat University in every way possible, to conduct research on prevailing contemporary regional and global issues and challenges. Registrar, deans, directors, and faculty members also congratulated Dr. Tahir Badini and Dr. Mushtaq Badini on their extraordinary achievements.

Report by Dr. Mushtaq Muhammad Badini, Assistant Professor/Chairman, Department of Commerce, UoT