Green Youth Movement Club organizes a cleanliness drive at Turbat University

Posted on 12 May, 2023 - Published by

The HEC-driven Green Youth Movement (GYM) Club of the University of Turbat (UoT) organized a cleanliness drive at the main campus of the university on 12th May 2023. Students from different departments of the university participated in the cleanliness drive with the aim to promote a healthy environment on campus. The students were divided into six teams according to the target locations for trash collection. The teams collected the trashes around the campus and filled it in trash bags for disposal of the trashes and waste. After that, the cohort holding hand-made banners and posters organized an awareness walk at the campus. The walk was led by Dr. Niamatullah, Assistant Professor, Natural and Basic Science Department, and Mr. Jeand Baloch focal person of the GYM club. The organizers said that the outcome of this drive was not only a tidy-up of the campus, but it also helped raise awareness about the significance of a clean environment and also provided a platform for the students of the entire university to work for a healthy environment. This huge outcome was a result of the efforts made by faculty, students, and the GYM cabinet of the university under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad.

Report by Mr. Jeand Baloch, Lecturer, Natural and Basic Sciences, University of Turbat.