Education Department organizes a Sociolinguistics Program

Posted on 17 Nov, 2023

The 6th-semester students of the Education Department at the University of Turbat (UoT) organized a Sociolinguistics Program on November 14, 2023. The event was decorated with different segments, including speeches, drama, songs, funny news, mushaira, a panel discussion, games, and naath. The purpose of the event was to elaborate on connections between language and society, unraveling layers of linguistic diversity, cultural influences, and societal dynamics. The performers focused on the importance of language in our society and highlighted the functions of language in our social life in their performances. During the event, the speakers said that language is not just a means of communication but a powerful force that shapes our perceptions, influences our interactions, and reflects the intricacies of our societies. They also emphasized incorporating these learnings into our academic and professional pursuits, contributing to the ongoing discourse in the field of sociolinguistics. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, the Chairperson of the Education Department, commended the students for their efforts in organizing a thought-provoking and insightful program.

Report by Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, the Chairperson of Education, UoT.