University of Turbat hosts wildflowers exhibition: an exclusive event of its nature

Posted on 11 Mar, 2024 - Published by

The Natural and Basic Sciences Department at the University of Turbat hosted the wildflower exhibition on 8th March 2024. Enthusiastic students showcased numerous creative works in the exhibition, including wildflowers, decorative pieces, wildflower-themed paintings, stunning landscapes, captivating photography, and informative posters representing the diverse flora of Balochistan.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch, Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Languages expressed views on the rich mythological traditions of Baloch culture, emphasizing the significance of trees in their stories, beliefs, and customs. Meanwhile, he also inaugurated a Digital Wild Garden at the university.

Associate Prof Dr. Iftekhar Baloch, the chief organizer of the exhibition hailed the event as the first-ever experience of its nature in the country, in which the rich biodiversity of Balochistan’s flora was showcased. He emphasized the pressing need to preserve these precious resources. Dr. Baloch claimed that the University of Turbat's pioneering efforts in organizing the wildflower exhibition will undoubtedly inspire other institutions and individuals across Pakistan to prioritize the protection and preservation of the country's natural heritage.

Mr. Nasratullah Baloch, Forest Officer from the Forest and Wildlife Department at Turbat elucidated on afforestation techniques and requirements crucial for Pakistan's environmental sustainability. UoT’s Faculty member Mr. Irshad Ahmed Baloch drew attention to the threats confronting wildflower populations, including habitat degradation, climate, and invasive species.

Mr. Shambay Kareem, Associate Professor at Govt. Atta Shad Degree College Turbat gave an overview of the description of Kahoor (a local tree of Makran) in Balochi prose and Poetry.

Furthermore, the faculty member Mr. Nadil Baloch revealed the history and importance of the legendary tree “Kech e Chinal” that stood in Kech and served as a site for public meetings, celebrations, and social gatherings.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Iftekhar Baloch expressed gratitude to the Worthy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Registrar Mr. Ganguzar Baloch, university officials, participants, and speakers for their contributions to the event’s success. At the end of the event, shields and certificates were distributed among the organizers, participants, and speakers.

Report by Dr. Aftekha Ahmed Baloch, Associate Prof. Natural and Basic Sciences Department, UoT