Bazdar is a leading figure and important reference in modern Balochi Poetry. Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch

Posted on 04 Dec, 2021

Institute of Balochi Language and Culture (IBLC) University of Turbat (UoT) organized a literary session on 30th November 2021 in the honor of Allah Bakhsh Bazdar, an eminent poet of the Balochi Language.

The session was presided over by Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch, Director IBLC and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, while Allah Bakhsh Buzdar graced the session as chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr Abdul Saboor Baloch said that “poetry of Allah Bakhsh Buzdar is a part of MA, BS and MPhil courses of his institute and our students in general, have always been in interaction with Allah Bakhsh Buzdar on academic and literary matters, but it is a moment of pleasure that he is present among us today.” Dr. Abdul Saboor added that “Allah Bakhsh Buzdar is a credible and important reference of modern Balochi poetry which has given a new dimension to the Balochi poetry with unique style, innovation, themes and vocabulary.

Speaking on the occasion, Allah Bakhsh Buzdar said that it was his long standing desire to have an institute or a university where our children could acquire knowledge and training in line with the requirements of modern times, and luckily our wish had come true after the establishment of University of Turbat. Now it is our collective responsibility to give ownership to this prestigious institution and we should play our due role for its promotion and development.

Dr. Buzdar said that “Balochi is not only a very ancient language but its linguistic geography is also very vast. Due to its massive geographical size and lack of contemporary facilities including modern means of communication, Balochi language could not become a standard literary language worldwide.” He said that like other languages in the world, Balochi has also different dialects, but simultaneously a standard dialect and language is also imperative for its growth. He underscored that “Uniform alphabets and spelling, active media, common economic market, teaching of language at broader level and other means of communication play an important role in the promotion of language and literature, but unfortunately Balochi Langaue is still deprived from these modern facilities.” He suggested that we need to take concrete efforts to solve these prevailing problems. Dr. Allah Bakhsh Buzdar presented his poetry on the occasion which was hailed by the audience.

Prominent columnist of Urdu language, Rahat Malik, Rustam Baloch Advocate, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Khetran, Siddique Khetran, Qazi Noor Ahmed, Sartaj Gichki, research scholars, faculty members and students in large number attended the session.

In the end, Prof. Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch presented a set of books published by the IBLC to the chief guest. Assistant Professor Dr. Sadiq Saba performed the responsibilities of stage secretary on the occasion.