A session on “Modern Economic-Scientific Narratives and Quranic Frame Work” held at UoT

Posted on 21 Jan, 2023

The Majlis-e- Fikir-Wa-Danish, in collaboration with the Peace and Advocacy Club, University of Turbat (PACUT) arranged a dialogue session on “Modern Economic-Scientific Narratives and Quranic Framework” on 20th January 2023 in the video conference room of the university. Representatives of Majlis-e-Fikir Wa-Danish and UoT’s faculty members and students participated in the dialogue session.

While making a scholarly study on the role of multinational companies, beliefs, scientific-economic narratives, and contemporary needs and challenges, Dr. Muhammad Arif Khan, a well-known writer and scholar of the 21st century and chairman of the Think Tank said that with the passage of time, knowledge was divided, and the distribution of knowledge did not cause any harm to knowledge, rather further expanded it. The socio-economic challenges faced by Pakistan and the rest of the world were also discussed in the session.

Sharing views on the occasion, Abdul Mateen Akhunzada, head of Majlis-e-Fikr-wa-Danish said that Majlis-e-Fikr-wa-Danish is an independent Quetta-based think-tank and a self-supported organization that is striving to establish and redefine a constructive environment. He appreciated the rapid growth of Turbat University and providing a favorable environment for education and research activities under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad.

In his opening and concluding remarks, Changez Ahmed, In-charge PACUT and focal person of the session extended his gratitude to the guests and participants for attending the session.

Report by Changez Ahmed, In-charge Peace and Advocacy Club, University of Turbat (PACUT)