Turbat University’s progress was lauded in Vice Chancellor’s conference on provincial universities’ sustainability

Posted on 22 May, 2023

The progress of the University of Turbat was lauded in the Vice Chancellor’s conference on provincial universities’ sustainability. A 2-day Vice Chancellor’s conference was held on 19th-20th May 2023 in BUITEMS Quetta, which was presided by Hon’ble Governor Balochistan and Chancellor Public Sector Universities (PSUs) Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar and attended by Vice Chancellors and Pro-Vice Chancellors of all PSUs of Balochistan, MPAs, Administrative Secretaries and HEC officials. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad and Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Mansoor Ahmed represented the University of Turbat (UoT) at the VC’s Conference.  The delegates held discussions and deliberations on universities’ financial, administrative, and academic issues and matters, and proposed policy recommendations in the shape of a strategic plan for short-term, medium-term, and long-term measures to ensure the sustainability of PSUs. The delegates emphasized introspection within the universities and demanded maximum funds from the provincial government and HEC for the universities of Balochistan. In the findings of the conference, Turbat University depicted the best indicators as compared to other PSUs. In terms of revenue generation, it was highest among young universities in the province. Its best student-faculty ration and staff-faculty ratio were lauded as an example for other universities to follow. It was observed that the University of Turbat is giving higher education to more students at a minimum cost as compared to other universities which is positive in terms of financial aspects. The Vice-Chancellor congratulated the faculty and staff of UoT and credited them for the great success of Turbat University.

In his opening and closing speech, Governor Balochistan Malik Wali Khan Kakar pressed on the provincial government and HEC officials for maximum funding of provincial universities and vowed to organize more conferences of the same nature for the universities in the future. The Vice Chancellors of all provincial universities appreciated the Hon’ble Governor for his earnest efforts to resolve the recurrent and demanding issues of the provincial universities. The delegates also acknowledged the contributions of the Principal Secretary to Governor Mr. Abdul Nasir Khan Dotani and the participants of VC’s conference working group in this regard.