7th meeting of UoT’s Senate

Posted on 10 Aug, 2023

The 7th meeting of the Senate of the University of Turbat (UoT) was convened on the 8th of August 2023 in Quetta. The meeting was presided over by Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar, Balochistan's Governor and Chancellor of the University of Turbat.

In his address, Malik Abdul Wali Khan Kakar said that the current challenging economic situation of the country and province demands a comprehensive strategy for establishing and achieving new priorities and goals. Emphasizing the critical financial situation, he highlighted the importance of refraining from unnecessary expenditures within the university. He also emphasized avoiding opening such departments that are not compatible with the prevailing market demands. The Chancellor asserted that the core purpose of the university is to serve its students. Thus, the students should be provided with a favorable educational environment and necessary facilities.

Talking to the participants of the 7th Senate meeting, Governor Balochistan said that the observance of the rules and regulations set forth by the Higher Education Commission is very important for the smooth functioning of the affairs of the university.

The Chancellor emphasized the significance of time factors when conducting Senate and Syndicate meetings, as well as announcing results. Governor Balochistan said that the overall institutional performance would greatly be enhanced by maintaining a consistent timeline in running the affairs of the university. Addressing the occasion, the VC UoT Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad said that in this ever-changing educational landscape, his administration paid special attention to promoting research and quality education at the university. He said that with the support of the federal and provincial governments, HEC, Governor Secretariat, faculty members, and students, his administration is committed to elevating the University of Turbat to new heights.

In light of the Senate members' recommendations and input, several important decisions were made during the 7th Senate meeting of the University of Turbat. Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor presented the annual report 2022 of the university to Governor Balochistan. 

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, Pro Vice-Chancellor, UoT, Justice Hashim Khan Kakar, senior judge of Balochistan High Court, Lal Jan Jafar, Secretary, Higher Education Department, Hashim Khan Ghilzai, Principal Secretary to Governor, Engineer Ahmed Farooq Bazai, Higher Education Commission representative, Abdul Samad, Deputy Secretary Finance Department, Dr. Gul Hassan, Dean, Faculty of Legal Education, UoT, Dr. Waseem Barkat, Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, UoT, Dr. Tahir Hakeem, Associate Professor UoT, Prof. Dr. Nazir Hussain, Former Dean, Quaid Aazam University, Prof. Dr. Akram Dost, Former Dean, University of Balochistan, Prof. Dr. Zahid Rauf, Registrar, BUITEMS, Prof. Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, UoB, Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Director QEC at UoT, Shabeek Syed, Director Finance UoT, and Ganguzar Baloch, Registrar UoT were also present on the occasion.