IBLC pays tributes to Mubarak Qazi, the distinguished poet of the Balochi language

Posted on 25 Sep, 2023

A condolence reference was held at the University of Turbat on 22nd September 2023 by the Institute of Balochi Language & Culture (IBLC) to pay tributes to Mubarak Qazi, the literary luminary, and great poet of Balochi literature. The reference was presided over by Dr. Tahir Hakeem, a senior faculty member of the IBLC.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest of the event, Yusaf Aziz Gichki, a literary scholar and a close friend of Mubarak Qazi, shed light on Qazi’s personal anecdotes and commitment to Balochi literature. He said that his poetry left an enduring mark on Balochi literature and culture, and his poetry is deeply rooted in the Baloch society, values, and traditions.

On behalf of Prof. Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch, the Director of IBLC, Dr. Tahir Hakeem expressed profound gratitude to the participants in the condolence reference. Highlighting the poetry and social life of Mubarak Qazi, he said that Mubarak Qazi's commitment to the promotion of the Balochi language and literature is being widely lauded by media and people from all walks of life.

Other faculty members, including Dr. Ghafoor Shad and Tariq Rahim Baloch, Madam Gul Jan, Principal Girls College Turbat, and Madam Shams Elahi Bakhsh, Assistant Professor, Girls College Turbat also paid rich tributes to the literary contributions of the eminent poet.

Deans, directors, heads of various departments, faculty members, people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and students attended the reference in large numbers.