Digital Media Club of Turbat University holds a Condolence Reference for renowned photographer Sarwar Baloch, alias Kamanchar Baloch.

Posted on 05 May, 2024 - Published by

The Digital Media Club of the University of Turbat (UoT) remembered the famous photographer in a condolence reference held on 3rd May 2024. Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UoT, Mr. Bijjar Baloch, founding member of the Balochi Music Promotors' Society, faculty members, administrative staff, students, and members of the Digital Media Club attended the reference.

The event commenced with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by Fateha Khawani.

The speakers, including Bijjar Baloch, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, Registrar Ganguzar Baloch, Director Public Relations Ijaz Ahmed, Director Student Affairs Dr. Muzaffir Hussain, Coordinator of Digital Media Club Meer Bahad, and Digital Media Club member Eman Baloch shed light on Kamancher Baloch's stunning photographic works, unveiling the natural beauty and scenic landscapes of the province and country. It was recalled that Kamanchar Baloch had actively participated and made significant contributions to the photography events, including "Paigham-e-Pakistan" hosted by the University of Turbat. The speakers also acknowledged the humanitarian and charitable works of Mr. Sarwar Baloch for the needy people of society.