Dr. Haneef Ur Rehman joined back University of Turbat after completing Postdoc from UK

Posted on 10 Jan, 2022

Dr. Haneef Ur Rehman, Associate Professor joined back University of Turbat (UoT) after completing the HEC postdoctoral fellowship program at Cambridge Graphene Center (CGC), University of Cambridge, UK. He worked on the production of graphene-based enzymatic biofuel cells. He achieved the project objectives and produced good results which are very interesting and publishable in the journal of international repute. He built up strong collaboration and network with CGC University of Cambridge teams. Dr. Haneef Ur Rehman also facilitated several candidates for obtaining host acceptance letters to apply for the next HEC postdoc fellowship program from the University of Cambridge, Oxford University, and Imperial College London through his strong network with these organizations during the project.  He also designed a collaborative project with CGC, the University of Cambridge for the HEC local challenge fund which has been submitted for consideration.