Peace Advocacy Club University of Turbat arranged training session for students

Posted on 24 Nov, 2022 - Published by

The Peace Advocacy Club, University of Turbat (UoT) in collaboration with the Shahoor Foundation for Education and Awareness organized a training session on "Peace, Tolerance, and Inclusivity" for students at UoT on 22nd November 2022. Students from different departments of the university participated in the session.

The training session was a part of the series of sessions being arranged under the Project: Peace Advocacy and Community Engagement through Transformation (PACT) launched by Shahoor Foundation. The main objective of the session was to highlight the importance of youth leadership and its contributions to the social and economic development of the country.

The trainer of the session emphasized the need for proper training of the youth at universities to channel their energy and strength towards appropriate directions for constructive socio-economic outcomes. The participants of the session emphasized the need for the establishment of more suitable forums where the youth can express their innovative ideas and volunteer contributions. Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Professor, Changiz Ahmed, In-charge Peace Advocacy Club highlighted the significance of youth potential in national development. He said that as many as 64 percent of the population of Pakistan was composed of youth aged from 15-29 years which is a great reservoir of potential if led in a good direction.

The program ended with an emphasis on the role and contribution of youth leadership in establishing peace and tolerance on university campuses and in society


Report by Changiz Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, UoT.