Students of Management Sciences and Commerce had an exposure visit to different industrial units

Posted on 24 Nov, 2022

An exposure visit for the students of the 8th semester of the Management Sciences and Commerce Department, University of Turbat (UoT) was organized by the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) (UoT) on 21st and 22nd November 2022 in collaboration with IBA CED, State Bank of Pakistan, Afeef Industry, Pakistan Stock Brokers Association, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange and Darson Securities Limited. The exposure visit was initiated by the ORIC under the supervision of Dr. Ghulam Jan, Director ORIC on the recommendation of Dr. Waseem Barkat, Dean, Faculty of Economic, Commerce, and Business Administration, Dr. Mushtaq Badini, and Mr. Shahzad Khalil Head of Commerce and Management Sciences Department, University of Turbat.  The delegation was led by the faculty members of UoT including Mr. Siraj Khalil, Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Mr. Balach Malik, and Mr. Jameel Ahmed. The students visited the IBA CED Afeef Industry, State Bank of Pakistan’s Museum, Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, Karachi, and Pakistan Mercantile Exchange where the students were briefed about the working practices and manufacturing process.

Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, Vice Chancellor, of the University of Turbat thanked Mr. Mohammad Imran, Mr. Muhammad Talha, Mr. Azad Ahmed of IBA, Mr. Rashid Siddqui, the Owner and Col Sibtain Head of Administration of Afeef Industry, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Deputy Director Muesum Archives & Art Gallary SBP, Mr. Abdul Rehman Baitanai, Mr. Hameed Aslam, Mr. Malik Dilwayaz Ahmed, Mr. Bilal Farooq Zaidi, and Mr. Yousuf of Karachi Stock Exchange for providing the opportunity to the students of Turbat University for visiting their respective firms and institutes. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the efforts of Mr. Iqbal Waheed, UoT’s ORIC Steering Committee Member for his support in arranging this exposure visit. Vice Chancellor termed this exposure visit helpful for students for gaining practical knowledge of their respective fields of study. He assured his support in organizing such exposure visits for students in the future.

Report by Dr. Ghulam Jan, Director ORIC, University of Turbat