The research project, co-authored by Changiz, is approved by HEC

The research project, co-authored by Changiz, is approved by HEC

Posted on 13 May, 2024 - Published by Directorate of ORIC

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has approved the research project titled “Socio-Economic Impact of CPEC on Non-Traditional Maritime Security and Sustainable Development of Balochistan’s Blue Economy: A Case Study of Fisheries and Seafood Industry” under the Project of HEC’s CPEC Collaborative Research Grant-2022. The project, co-authored by Mr. Changiz Ahmed, Assistant Professor and Chairperson at the Political Science Department, University of Turbat (UoT), and Dr. Maliha Zeba, Assistant Professor at the International Relations Department, National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad has a budget of Rs. 17 Million.

Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, VC UoT, and the university fraternity extended congratulations to Mr. Changiz Ahmed and the ORIC team for the approval of the project, co-authored by him.

The honorable VC UoT also admired the tireless efforts of ORIC at UoT to facilitate and support the UoT faculty to accomplish such achievements. The project aims to determine the socio-economic impact of CPEC on non-traditional maritime security and sustainable development of Balochistan’s blue economy concentrating on fisheries and seafood industry. Furthermore, the project is also an example of academic collaborations between the University of Turbat and other universities including the NUML. Considering the geostrategic and economic importance of Balochistan, the coastal region of the province holds a paramount maritime significance within the context of the CPEC. These areas are rich in natural resources, particularly seafood.

Report by Dr. Amir Zeb, Director ORIC, UoT