Students of Natural and Basic Sciences Department observed World Biodiversity Day at UoT

Posted on 26 May, 2024 - Published by

Students of the Natural and Basic Sciences (NABS) department at the University of Turbat (UoT) observed World Biodiversity Day on 22nd May at UoT. Faculty members of NABS, including Mr. Irshad Mayar, Dr. Sumaira,  Miss Mahpara, and Dr. Iftekhar Baloch supervised the event. The students, faculty members, and Registrar Mr. Ganguzar Baloch participated in a guided walk from the department towards Digital Wild Garden, where they talked about the importance of biodiversity. The students carried various posters and placards to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation. 

Mr. Irshad Ahmed informed the participants that a comprehensive conservation plan has been outlined for the establishment of a seed bank at the University of Turbat. Seeds of wild plants have been collected using proper techniques from multiple individuals across different wild plant populations in Makran division.The detailed records of seed collections, including metadata such as collection site characteristics, genetic information, and conservation status will be uploaded to a robust database to manage seed inventory, track seed viability, and facilitate access for research and conservation purposes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Iftekhar Baloch,  Associate Professor, talked about ecosystem services offered by native trees. Students also talked about different biodiversity conservation initiatives such as the Convention on Biodiversity, Ramsar Convention, and Wetland Management.