Mr. Najeeb Ullah's PhD achievement was warmly lauded by the university leadership and faculty

Posted on 01 Jun, 2024 - Published by

Mr. Najeeb Ullah, lecturer, Department of Natural and Basic Sciences at the University of Turbat, has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Genetic & Molecular Analysis of Cataract-Affected Families from Balochistan." 

He complered his PhD in the subject of Human Genetics & Molecular Biology from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore. 

During his PhD, he published four research articles in Canadian, Turkish, and Pakistani scientific journals.

Expressing his heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Najeeb Ullah for completing his PhD, Prof. Dr. Jan Muhammad, Vice Chancellor of the University of Turbat, said that the increase in the number of PhD faculty at UoT members would enhance the reputation and recognition of the university both nationally and internationally because PhD faculty are crucial for maintaining academic excellence and promoting quality research at the university.

Meanwhile, the Pro Vice Chancellor, deans, Registrar, directors, chairpersons of teaching departments, heads of administrative sections, and faculty members also congratulated Mr. Najeeb Ullah on this significant achievement.