Two more faculty members re-joined UoT after Ph.D.

Posted on 26 Nov, 2020

The two more scholars Dr. Ghulam Jan Baloch and Dr. Tahir Badini after completing their Ph.D. have joined back the University of Turbat (UoT).

Dr. Ghulam Jan Baloch and Dr. Tahir Badini completed their Ph.D. in the discipline of
Management Sciences from University Sains Malaysia.

Another scholar Mr. Chakar Hyder after completing his MS Degree in Political Science from Near east University Cyprus has also joined back the University of Turbat.
After their joining, the number of Ph.D. faculty members in the University of Turbat raised to sixteen.

The UoT’s Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir congratulated all Ph.D. and
MS/M.Phil. qualified faculty members for successful completion of their Ph.D./MS program and rejoining the university.
He hoped that the Ph.D. /MS faculty members would play an important role in further promoting the research culture in the university.